Friday, December 3, 2010

The Christmas Tree Hunt...

Well now I know what hunting for the perfect tree is like with two 21 monthers! Now while I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, we really had a great time. The twins were giddy running around everywhere. Piper loved her Santa hat and did NOT want to take it off! Maxwell was wearing his new jacket, which we didn't realize is so warm that he was all sweaty when we got home from running around even though it's COLD outside. What a big boy!


  1. I love the big "bub" tree you guys picked out! I hope the darlings are keeping their hands to themselves...ha ha!

  2. Hi Carisa, thanks for stopping by my blog and reading about my Disney trips. Disneyland is a favorite place for my family. We've been going to Disneyland since my children were young. Lots of great memories have been made there! The Grand Californian is my favorite Disney Resort Hotel. It's beautiful and is the closest hotel to the parks. The Disneyland Hotel is my 2nd favorite hotel. But who knows, after all the renovations they are doing it might move up to being my first choice! When we were there this month we were excited to see all the changes that they are making. It's going to be amazing for the kids (and adults) when it is done. The old "Neverland" pool is open right now, but I'm not sure when the new pool with the water slide will be ready. It didn't seem like it would be done by August. It looked like they had a lot more work to do on it.

    Enjoy your upcoming trip. Your kids are darling and will have such a great time! Go ahead and email me if you've got any other questions.